About the Boston Herald Newspapers In Education Program
The Boston Herald Newspapers in Education (NIE) program provides free electronic newspapers to schools through donations from Herald readers and other sponsors. Teachers can order as many Smart Edition copies as they need. The NIE program is supported by Mass Literacy, the nonprofit arm of the Boston Herald dedicated to supporting literacy in Massachusetts.

Easy Online Access
The Smart Edition is an exact copy of the Boston Herald print edition, but it’s available online. With the Smart Edition, students enjoy a print newspaper experience with all the extra benefits of an online resource. Your free subscription also includes access to our Curriculum Page where you can download more than 40 activity guides! Learn more about the Smart Edition here.

Access Issues
If you are experiencing problems with your online access to the Smart Edition, please contact us right away and we will work to resolve the issue.

Verification Forms
Because the newspapers are free to teachers, we must keep very careful records. NIE teachers are asked to sign and return a verification form twice a year stating that they ordered and had access to Smart Edition newspapers.

Free Curriculum Guides
Download more than 40 curriculum guides from our Curriculum Page. All NIE material is password protected, and is available free of charge with your Smart Edition subscription. To access the Curriculum Download page, just order the Smart Edition and your password information will be emailed to you.

Stay Connected with the NIE Blog
Newspaper in Education Associate Kristen Giddings brings you the latest delivery updates, teacher resources, and timely classroom activities on the NIE Blog.

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