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Free Online Sept. 11 Conference Aug. 3-4

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Register today for the free online conference September 11: Teaching Contemporary History on August 3-4. The conference, offered in part by the Thinkfinity content partner National Museum of American History, is designed to provide K-12 educators with resources and strategies to discuss the September 11 attacks with students on the 10th anniversary.

Visit Thinkfinity's 10th Anniversary of September 11, 2001 Community group to learn more and register.

Smart Camp--Week Three

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With the high temperatures that are keeping everyone indoors, there's never been a better time to be a Smart Camper! This week’s project is to create a Newspaper Time Capsule. It’s a fun way to engage students in discussions about current events. Teachers who are participating without students can complete this activity on their own.

Newspaper Time Capsule
Have your students  imagine that they were selected to make a time capsule that students in the year 2111 will read. To help students of the future understand what life is like today, your students should choose three different news stories from the Boston Herald Smart Edition that they think encompass the most important issues of our time.

Students can use the calendar tool to read back issues of the newspaper, and use the search tool to find specific information. After students have selected their articles, they should share them with the class and explain why they chose them for the time capsule.

After you complete the activity, share your experience with other Smart Campers by leaving a comment on this blog post.

Smart Camp--Week Two

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Attention Smart Campers-- Now that you’ve become familiar with the Boston Herald Smart Edition, it’s time to practice some fun online activities!

This week you have a choice between the Smart Edition Scavenger Hunt or the Smart Edition Quiz. Both of these activities help test student’s knowledge of key navigation tools in the online newspaper. You can complete these activities with students, or practice them on your own.

Complete directions for these activities can be found in the Smart Edition Teacher Guide. When you're done, share your experiences right here on the NIE Blog.

Don't forget,  if you are participating with students and time permits, you can read and discuss a  selection from your Living Life Online packet.

Smart Camp--Week One

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Welcome Smart Campers! We hope you’re ready to have fun using the interactive Smart Edition this summer.

The NIE Blog is an important part of Smart Camp. Here you'll find the weekly Smart Edition activity, ask questions, and share ideas with other teachers. (Although students can participate in Smart Camp, the NIE Blog is just for teachers.)

Week One Activity
This week we will become familiar with key tools in the Smart Edition, and learn to navigate the online newspaper.

  1. Download and review the Smart Edition Teacher Guide here. The teacher guide also contains all of the activities we will be covering during Smart Camp.
  2. Watch the short Smart Edition video on the NIE Homepage. You’ll see real teachers and students using the online newspaper.
  3. Log-on to the Smart Edition with your username and password.
  4. Read the newspaper using key features of the Smart Edition such as the calendar tool to read back issues, the search tool to find specific information, and the print tool.
    • If you are participating with students, ask each student to read an article that interests them. Then ask students to share a  summary of what they read with the rest of the class.
  5. After you complete the activities above, feel free to share your thoughts right here on the NIE Blog.

Bonus Activity— If you are participating with students and time permits, read and discuss a different selection from the Living Life Online packet each week. It’s a great way to incorporate online safety skills into the Smart Camp program.

Not a Smart Camper yet? Learn more and enroll here.

Don't Miss Smart Camp!

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Want to receive the Boston Herald FREE this summer, and learn how easy it is to use the online Smart Edition?

Then sign up for Smart Edition Summer Camp! You'll have free access to the online Boston Herald Smart Edition, and we'll help you integrate Smart Edition activities into your classroom.

Smart Camp is a six-week online program that you can complete in one hour or less per week (without the distractions that the busy school year brings). Participate on your own, or with students-all you need is a computer with internet access. No special software is required.

How it Works
Each week teachers and students will cover a different Super Smart Edition Activity from the Smart Edition Teacher Guide. Then teachers are invited to post questions and share experiences on the NIE Blog.

Learn more and enroll!