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Smart Camp—Week Six

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My how the summer has flown by—it’s already the final week of Smart Camp! We hope you will share the Smart Edition activities you practiced this summer with your students in the fall.

Our last activity focuses on advertising, which should be especially interesting because of the upcoming tax free weekend. Students will get a better understanding of advertising by researching companies online to determine which company offers a better price. Teachers who are participating without students can complete this activity on their own.

Deal or No Deal? Advertising Activity
Whether they are wearing team jerseys sponsored by local businesses, or viewing a webpage with popup ads, students are exposed to advertising everywhere. But just because a company advertises a price, it doesn’t always mean it’s the best deal.

Have your students find an advertisement for a product or service in the Boston Herald Smart Edition. Students should visit the company's website and read more about the company’s services, products, and pricing. Students should see if the company lists special offers online, and if there are any stipulations for sale prices.

Next students should visit two competitor’s websites that offer similar products or services. Students can make a chart that includes each company, their products or services, and their pricing information. Was the offer advertised in the newspaper the best deal? Students should share their findings with the rest of the class.

Smart Camp--Week Five

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Attention Smart Campers-- Here is your Week Five activity. This week we will use the Letters to the Editor section of the Boston Herald to examine opinions on current events. Teachers who are participating without students can complete this activity on their own.

Letters to the Editor Activity
The Letters section of the Boston Herald is an important part of the newspaper because it gives readers the opportunity to share their opinions.

Read the Letters section in today's Smart Edition. Then select a letter, and use the calendar tool or search box to find the same news article referenced in the letter. Students should read the article and decide if they agree or disagree with the opinion expressed in the letter. Then students should write a paragraph explaining why they agree or disagree with the author of the letter.

Extension Activity-- Students may write and submit their own Letter to the Editor.

Smart Camp--Week Four

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This week’s Smart Camp activity focuses on editorial cartoons. Students will deconstruct editorial cartoons in the Boston Herald and then practice writing their own. Teachers who are participating without students can complete this activity on their own.

Courtesy of the Boston Herald

Editorial Cartoons Activity
Editorial Cartoons are the perfect example of the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In an editorial cartoon, the artist shows his or her opinions through drawings. The cartoons are often humorous, bur they can show the subject in an unflattering light.

With your class, look at today’s editorial cartoon in the Boston Herald Smart Edition. Then discuss the following with your students:

  • What is the artist trying to express in the cartoon?
  • How does the artist portray the subject of the cartoon? Give examples to back up your answer.
  • Do you think the cartoon was effective in expressing the artist’s opinion? Explain why or why not.
  • How would the same idea differ if it was expressed in words, rather than pictures?

Next, have students search the Smart Edition for a story that interests them. Have students draw their own editorial cartoon to go along with the article, and then share it with the class.

Smart Tip—the editorial cartoons are located in the Editorials section. You can find the page number for Editorials by referring to the index on page two of online newspaper.

After you complete the activity, share your experience with other Smart Campers by leaving a comment on this blog post.