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Newspaper Activities for Hanukkah

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Hanukkah and Thanksgiving will fall on the same day tomorrow. This won't happen again for another 70,000 years! Check out these Hanukkah newspaper activities for your class and keep checking back throughout the month of December for more holiday themed activities!

  • Jewish people observe many traditions during Hanukkah, including eating foods fried in oil, playing the dreidel game, and giving gifts or “gelt” (money) to children. Ask students to compare and contrast Hanukkah to Christmas and other winter holidays. Have them make a comparison chart illustrated with pictures and graphics cut out of the newspaper.
  •  The menorah is a special candle holder that holds nine candles; one for each of the eight days of Hanukkah and a ninth candle called the shamas. The shamas is lit every night and used to light each of the other candles, one each day. Send students on a search for menorahs in newspaper advertisements. Have them make a menorah poster with information about this important Jewish ritual.
  •  Talk with students about how the dreidel game is played. Then have them write a how-to story and discuss games we play in observance of other holidays.

Newspaper Activities for Thanksgiving

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Check out these Thanksgiving newspaper activities for your class! And keep checking back into December for more Holiday themed newspaper fun!

  • Talk about food as symbols. For example, Indian corn is often used as decoration during the Thanksgiving season because the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn. The Pilgrims survived their first harsh winter in America thanks to the corn harvest. Illustrate this concept by having students research other Thanksgiving foods to see if they are symbolic. Then have them search newspaper ads for foods that are used to stand for or represent something else. Ask them to share their examples with the class.
  • Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the winter gift-giving season. In fact, the day after Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year. Have students watch the newspaper on the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Have them chart the number of stores that have scheduled after-Thanksgiving sales and specials. Extend the activity by having each student pretend he or she is going on a shopping excursion the day after Thanksgiving. They can “shop” for a specific item(s), comparing prices in the newspaper. Or they can map out their day by pinpointing which stores they want to go to and how to get there. They can do this individually or in small groups.

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Celebrate Family Literacy Month with a week of newspaper activities

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November is Family Literacy Month. Celebrate with a week of activities your family can enjoy with the newspaper!

Does your child have access to the Boston Herald Smart Edition? It is an exact copy of the print newspaper available online to local schools. Have their teacher order it here!


Check the Boston Herald’s business section, BizSmart, and find an article relating to technology.



Go to the sports section and read an article together about your family’s favorite local team.


Pick 5 words from the headlines and ask your child to think of a word that rhymes with each one.


Create a game in which each family member gets a point for finding certain letters or words in the paper.



Go through the movie reviews and develop your family’s own rating system for movies viewed at home or in the theater.


Search classifieds ads for a job your child might want to have someday.


Help your child write a practice letter to the editor about a topic of interest.

For Family Literacy events and activities in your area, check throughout the month!