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Student Voices Writing Prompt #3

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Thank you to the teachers who have participated in Student Voices, a new program that gives students the chance to have their opinions on current events published in the print Boston Herald. Read some of the latest student submissions here.

Teachers must be subscribed to the Boston Herald Smart Edition to participate in Student Voices. Don't have the Smart Edition yet? Order here!


Here is the next writing prompt:

Read the article “State may not meet ‘green’ mandate” on page 18 of the March 4 Boston Herald Smart Edition, then answer the following writing prompt.

Massachusetts may not meet the country’s goals for greenhouse gas emissions set for 2020 unless serious action is taken. We are predicted to reduce the harmful contributor to global warming by 20 percent instead of the legally required 25. Recommendations include reducing methane leaks from natural pipelines and helping energy and gas utilities meet their energy saving goals. Why is it important for Massachusetts to reduce their energy waste? What can we all do on a smaller scale to “go green” and help our state?

Use the Calendar tool in the Smart Edition to access past issues. Instructions on using the Calendar tool are found here.

Deadline: Thursday, March 27

Please email your responses with an individual photo of each student to Brianne Costa at

*If you send photos you must have a signed media release form from a parent or guardian. Download the Media Release form here.

If you have any questions about how to participate, contact Brianne Costa at or call 617-619-6220.


Newspapers in Education Week is March 3-7

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Newspapers in Education week begins today!

This downloadable NIE Instructional Calendar provides a subject-specific newspaper activity for each day of the school year. Here are this week's activities to try with your class:

Monday: Language Arts

Rank each item on the front page in order of importance. Why did the news stories get the placement that they did?

Tuesday: Social Studies

In news articles, identify cultural differences between foreign countries and ours. Make a categorized list of cultural differences by country.

Wednesday: Math

Have students read a story and discuss the importance of numbers to the story. Have them rewrite the story without numbers. Can they still tell the same story?

Thursday: Science

List major science-related problems facing today's society. Assuming it is 100 years from now, write about how the problems were solved.

Friday: Critical Thinking

Look at a feature article closely to see what words and sentences help to make you have certain feelings about the article. Make a list of these words and sentences.

NIE Week is a great time to help keep our program going. Make a donation today at and you can help give free access to newspapers and education tools to students, as well as fund our Student Voices publishing opportunities, teacher technology workshops, media tours of the Boston Herald, and more.

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Student Voices responses: Red Sox 2014 predictions

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Check out what some local students had to say in response to page 42 of the February 11 Boston Herald Smart Edition article "Change of pace for Sox starters" and the prompt below:

After winning the World Series in 2013, the Red Sox will report to Spring Training in Fort Myers, Florida later this week. The team will play their Opening Day game against the Baltimore Orioles at Fenway Park on March 31. What are your predictions for the Red Sox for the 2014 season? Which players do you think will be this year’s stars based on their statistics?

"The 2013 Boston Red Sox were the best team to come back from last place in 2012, just like the Minnesota Twins did in 1991. In the 2014 season, there is a good chance of the Red Sox repeating, because of the fact that in the American League there have been barely any changes. The Red Sox have about the same exact roster as they did last year, but with just some changes. I predict that the Red Sox will end the season in either first or second in the East or at worst the Wild Card, because it all depends on how the chemistry of the team is when opening day comes around.

David Ortiz is almost done being part of the Red Sox and they haven’t come to terms with an extension just yet. David had a breakout year last season and with this being close to the end of his career, he will want to do anything and everything he can for the team. Dustin Pedroia is another asset to the team, and he will continue to keep his nose to the grindstone like he has been doing since he joined the team in 2007. Jake Peavy is going to continue to be as good as he was during the postseason, now that he is used to the Boston atmosphere. The only shocker to Boston fans will be Boston’s new addition, Grady Sizemore, because he has been on the sidelines for a good part of his career in Cleveland. Now that he is in a better atmosphere and a better city, I would not doubt that he will go above and beyond expectations, and he will outmatch Jacoby Ellsbury in New York. The Boston Red Sox will still be the team to watch in the 2014 season. Trust me, John Farrell will not let Boston fans think that the 2013 season was just a fluke."

-Jared Rose, Gloucester High School

"I don’t think the Red sox will win the World Series because they’re one team out of thirty and the probability is unlikely they will repeat last year’s win.  But I do think they will have a few stars.  I think Ryan Demster will probably be one of their number one pitchers this year because his is a right handed pitcher and has a 4.57 ERA.  I think Jon Lester will also help this year because he is a left handed pitcher and has a 3.75 ERA.  I bet that Jake Peavy will push them forward being a right handed pitcher with a 4.17 ERA.  Although he was not mentioned in the article, David Ortiz AKA “Big Papi” will lead the team to a few wins because he has seventeen years of experience and has thirty home runs and he’s their designated hitter.  One other player is Mike Napoli who has 23 home runs in the regular season and eight years of experience.  I still don’t think they will win the World Series this year but they have stars."

-Gavin Sullivin, Dexter Park Elementary School

"Even though I was only one year old and I didn’t see the White Sox win the World Series as was mentioned in the article, I know enough about baseball and the Red Sox to predict they are going to win the World Series this year.  The stars that helped them win last time will help them win this time.  Left handed pitcher, Jon Lester, will lead his team to victory.  Back up right handed pitchers Jake Peavy and John Lackey will also help the Red Sox win this year’s World Series.  Even though their statistics were not mentioned in the article, second basemen Jonathan Herrera and fan favorite David Ortiz will also help them win the Pennant."

-Silas Anderholm, Dexter Park Elementary School

Thank you to all the teachers and students who participated. Stay tuned for our next Student Voices writing prompt, which will be posted on the NIE Blog this week!