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Great ways to teach Black History Month

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February is Black History Month. How have you been incorporating black history into your classroom? NIE offers black history curriculum guides that you can use as a great resource to teach your students about African American heritage. You can access these guides on the Curriculum page on the Boston Herald NIE website.

Also, check out what other local Massachusetts schools are doing to teach their students about Black History Month and watch this Boston Herald video. Eye On Education: Newburyport School Teaches Black History Month Through Online Game

Student Activity: Caucus vs. Primary

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Early February is an exciting time in the 2016 election, as the first rounds of primaries and caucuses are officially underway. But what exactly is a primary and a caucus?  We know they play a very important role in the presidential election and receive a great deal of media coverage. Yet, do we really know what each entail?

As a class, discuss the differences between a primary and a caucus. Create a venn diagram that highlights what is unique to a caucus, what is unique to a primary and what the two have in common. Then, read articles in the Boston Herald e-Edition about the Iowa Caucus and the NH Primary. Research both event and use real examples that support your description of a caucus and a primary.

To get started, search your Boston Herald e-Edition and read these two articles: Next up: New Hampshire set to vote in nation's first primary and Watching Monday: What to look for in the 2016 Iowa caucuses

Follow the presidential election with NIE

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With Iowa kicking off the first official caucus, the presidential election is heating up and will only continue to get hotter from here. With more caucuses and primaries approaching, as well as endless debates, rallies and events, look to NIE to receive your up-to-date information. Our coverage of the election will provide teachers with simple resources to use in their classrooms.

We offer several Curriculum guides relating to the election process and the U.S. government, such as Electing the President: A Guide to the Election Process, available to all NIE subscribers.  Not an NIE subscriber yet? Sign up for free here!

We will also be incorporating more election details and activities into our Weekly News Quiz, Facebook, and our NIE Activity of the Day on Twitter, @BostonHeraldNIE. Search #NIEactivity or reference the live Twitter feed on the homepage.

For more details on last night's Iowa caucus, read this article at