Olympics-themed Educational Resources

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Kids Go for the Gold learning with these new Olympics-themed Educational Resources from Education.com. Use the e-Edition to find Boston Herald newspaper articles surrounding the Olympics, coupled with the activities and worksheets from Education.com, to lead your students in exciting lesson plans.

Product Manager for Education.com, Kevin M.A. Nguyen, describes the benefits of working with the resources offered by Education.com: "With Education.com’s Summer Olympics worksheets and activities, children can learn how math, social studies, and language arts skills relate to a real-life event. These resources not only help get kids excited about learning over the summer break, they also encourage children to build vocabulary, exercise graphing skills, increase reading comprehension, develop global awareness, and more. Education.com believes that the best educational opportunities take advantage of experiences that kids feel passionate about in the real world and tie them to learning fundamental skills."

Make sure to take a look at the free  “Ode the Olympics” workbook.

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