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Order the online Boston Herald Smart Edition for summer school and sign up for Smart Camp. Learn more about the Smart Edition here. Learn more about Smart Camp here.

Download NIE activity guides right from our Curriculum Page! All material is password protected and restricted to Smart Edition subscribers. Just sign-up for the online Smart Edition to receive your Curriculum Page access.
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The online Smart Edition is an exact copy of the print newspaper, but it includes access to 30 days of back issues, searchable archives, the ability to print and email stories, and much more! Learn more about the Smart Edition.
Learn new technology skills and have some fun with Boston Herald Smart Camp a free four-week program that engages students and teachers in current events activities. Learn more about Smart Camp. Learn more about Smart Camp.
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I agree to sign and return a verification form twice a year stating that I ordered free copies of the Boston Herald Smart Edition for my classroom, and that access to the electronic newspapers was made available to me. Im aware that I must sign and return the verification forms to show that I ordered and had access to the Smart Edition whether or not I logged on and used it. (The verification forms are for record keeping purposes only - there is never a cost to you or your school for Smart Edition newspapers.)

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