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Learn new technology skills this summer and have some fun during Boston Herald Smart Camp. This four week online summer learning camp will engage teachers and students in current events activities. Plus, you will learn how easy it is to use the Boston Herald Smart Edition. Each week you’ll try a new Smart Edition activity with guidance from the Boston Herald NIE team. Teachers can participate in Smart Camp by themselves or with students as part of a summer learning program. Come fall, you’ll be prepared to implement engaging Smart Edition activities into your curriculum.

How Smart Camp Works: Teachers can participate “live” from July 6 through July 31, or you can work at your own pace throughout the summer.

Each Monday during the month of July, you’ll find a new Smart Edition activity on the NIE Blog. Teachers will complete each week’s activity either by themselves or with a group of students, and they’ll have help from our NIE expert Kristen Giddings. By the end of each week, comment on the NIE Blog to share your experiences.

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Have questions? Email Kristen Giddings at or call 617-619-6220.

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